Behavioral Health

At YOSO Recruiting, we specialize in behavioral health recruitment, covering Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, and Eating Disorder treatment. Our extensive personal experience in the industry gives us a distinctive edge in understanding the unique demands and nuances of behavioral healthcare.

With our own years of experience in behavioral healthcare, our recruiters have the ability to empathize with the professionals we seek. This allows us to look beyond resumes and delve deeper into the character and mindset of candidates. We believe that genuine care, empathy, and a patient-first attitude, combined with the right skills and qualifications, are what truly make a professional stand out in this field.


Our expertise covers every position in behavioral health, from behavioral health techs to revenue cycle management, and even C-Suite level executives. One of our specialties is executive search, ensuring that we find top-tier candidates for leadership roles within the behavioral health sector.

With our intuitive grasp of the ever-changing landscape of behavioral healthcare, we proactively adapt our recruitment strategies to meet industry shifts, including regulatory changes and emerging therapy modalities. This foresight allows us to source candidates who are not only well-suited to the current environment but also equipped to navigate future changes.

At YOSO Recruiting, we are not simply focused on filling vacancies. Our mission is to foster long-term success by placing truly qualified and compassionate professionals in roles where they can make a real difference. Trust us to find individuals who will positively impact your organization and the lives of the people they serve.


Health Care

At YOSO Recruiting, we hold a distinctive advantage in healthcare recruitment, shaped by our team’s personal and direct experience in various healthcare sectors. This wealth of practical insight uniquely equips us to seek out professionals who not only possess appropriate credentials, but also exhibit the tenacity, empathy, and commitment indispensable for the challenging field of healthcare.

Our recruiters, each boasting significant hands-on experience in healthcare, understand the depth and breadth of the sector. This firsthand knowledge propels us to look past the surface of professional qualifications, delving deeper to assess the softer attributes of character, resilience, and patient-centricity. We believe that the combination of these qualities with the right skills sets a healthcare professional apart.

Moreover, our deep-seated familiarity with the industry provides us with an intuitive comprehension of the fluctuating trends, evolving regulations, and emerging technologies in healthcare. Armed with this perspective, we continually refine our recruitment approach, ensuring we are adept at identifying candidates who are not only compatible with the current healthcare environment but can also adapt and thrive amidst future changes.

At YOSO Recruiting, we see beyond simply filling roles. We are dedicated to catalyzing enduring success by placing highly qualified, compassionate professionals in roles where they can make an indelible impact. Trust us to find those exceptional individuals who will leave a lasting imprint on your organization and elevate the quality of care for the patients they serve.


YOSO’s recruiters’ personal, firsthand experience in the education sector. This direct involvement equips us with a keen understanding of what it takes to excel in this vital field, enabling us to identify professionals who not only have the appropriate credentials but also the passion, dedication, and innovative thinking necessary to drive educational success.

Our recruiters, enriched by their own years spent within the education industry, understand its unique challenges and rewards. This knowledge allows us to delve beyond academic qualifications, exploring deeper into each candidate’s values, teaching philosophy, and commitment to shaping future generations. We believe that it’s this blend of professional qualifications, passion for education, and dedication to student success that truly sets an educational professional apart.


Moreover, our extensive experience within the industry allows us to stay abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of education, from regulatory changes to the latest pedagogical trends and technological advancements. This understanding drives us to continually refine our recruitment approach, ensuring we connect you with educators who are not just suited for today’s classrooms but are also prepared to adapt to the educational environments of tomorrow.

At YOSO Recruiting, we go beyond simply filling vacancies. We’re committed to facilitating enduring success by placing uniquely qualified, passionate professionals in roles where they can inspire and shape future leaders. Trust in us to find those exceptional individuals who will leave a lasting mark on your organization and significantly impact the educational journey of their students.


Aviation & Aerospace

In the intricate and highly technical world of aviation and aerospace, having a recruitment partner with a firm grasp of the industry is key. YOSO Recruiting offers just that – leveraging our experience in staffing for this sector to deliver tailored recruitment solutions.

Our recruiters come equipped with a strong understanding of the aviation and aerospace sectors, built upon years of experience in sourcing talent for roles in these industries. From engineering and design to operations and maintenance, our in-depth knowledge allows us to identify and connect you with the top talent, ready to drive your business forward.

At YOSO Recruiting, we do more than just fill positions; we find the perfect match for your unique company culture and operational needs. Our emphasis on collaboration ensures that we grasp your business’s nuanced requirements and deliver candidates who align with your technical needs, as well as your organizational values and ethos.

Whether you’re a startup breaking into space technology or an established entity in the aviation sector, we’re committed to helping you build a high-performing team ready for future challenges. Trust YOSO Recruiting to be your reliable partner in aviation and aerospace recruitment.

Logistics, Manufacturing, & Distribution

The rapidly evolving world of Logistics, Manufacturing, and Distribution requires a workforce that can adapt, innovate, and maintain efficiency. Finding the right people who can thrive in this fast-paced and complex environment is crucial. At YOSO Recruiting, we bring our solid experience in staffing for these sectors to deliver recruitment solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Our team has extensive experience sourcing talent for a wide range of roles within these industries. We understand the unique intricacies of Logistics, Manufacturing, and Distribution and the importance of precision, reliability, and innovation within these fields. This understanding allows us to pinpoint the exact talent your organization needs, be it for strategic planning, operations management, or frontline distribution.


But at YOSO Recruiting, we do more than just fill roles. We ensure that every candidate we place is not only capable but is also the right cultural fit for your organization. Our collaboration-focused approach ensures we understand your unique requirements and industry challenges to find candidates that are technically proficient, culture-aligned, and ready to add value from day one.

Whether you’re a growing logistics company seeking efficient coordinators or a manufacturing firm needing skilled operatives, YOSO Recruiting is your trusted partner for recruitment within the Logistics, Manufacturing, and Distribution sectors. Rely on us to help you build a resilient, high-performing team that’s ready to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.



At YOSO Recruiting, we leverage our substantial experience in recruiting within the Engineering sector to identify candidates who combine technical mastery, innovative problem-solving, and exceptional precision – the hallmarks of success in this rigorous field.

With years of experience specifically in Engineering recruitment, our team understands the unique challenges and intricacies of various engineering disciplines. We examine beyond the surface of degrees and certifications, assessing each candidate’s practical problem-solving abilities, adherence to industry standards, and commitment to pushing the envelope of technological advancement. We hold firm that it’s this blend of technical knowledge, innovative thinking, and unwavering quality consciousness that sets a truly exceptional engineer apart.

Moreover, our long-standing engagement with the Engineering sector keeps us in sync with its continuous evolution. We stay abreast of cutting-edge technological developments, regulatory changes, and industry trends. This active awareness informs and enhances our recruitment strategies, enabling us to consistently connect our clients with professionals who are well-suited to today’s engineering challenges and equally prepared to embrace the transformations of tomorrow.

At YOSO Recruiting, our aim transcends merely filling positions. We are dedicated to promoting enduring success by placing highly skilled and forward-thinking professionals in roles where they can leave a significant impact. Trust in our ability to find those exceptional individuals who will drive your organization forward and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving world of Engineering.

Professional Services

In the dynamic landscape of professional services, companies need agile, competent, and forward-thinking individuals. From Accounting & Finance to Sales and Customer Service, finding the right talent can be the defining factor for success. At YOSO Recruiting, we leverage our expertise in staffing for this diverse industry to help you navigate its challenges.

We understand the unique intricacies of each sub-sector within the professional services industry. Our team is experienced in sourcing candidates for roles across a broad spectrum: Accounting & Finance, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, Clerical, Administrative Assistants, Human Resources, Customer Service Representatives, and Sales Representatives. Our extensive understanding allows us to pinpoint and connect you with the exceptional talent that matches your specific needs.


With YOSO Recruiting, you’re not just filling a position; you’re bringing onboard individuals who align with your company’s culture and contribute towards your strategic goals. Our collaborative approach ensures we thoroughly understand your unique operational requirements and industry challenges, enabling us to find candidates who are technically proficient and culturally suited to your organization.

Whether you’re a boutique firm seeking specialized talent or a multinational company looking to strengthen your workforce, YOSO Recruiting is your reliable partner in recruitment for professional services. Trust us to assist you in building a high-performing, adaptable team that will drive your business towards a prosperous future.

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